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Women deserve rights just as much any other man.


Why is women's rights important?

Fri, 05/28/2010 - 3:58PM by LauraJoy 0 Comments -

Women's rights is important because women often work more than men but are paid less, which is why women suffer the most poverty. It is not right for one gender to be superior than the other! Women fight for the opportunity to have the same options that men are given. Starting with the right to vote which progresed into many other things such as the right to hold office. Women are now challenging men at their own game. Hilary Clinton challenged the all male presidential race for presidency. Even though she lost it, it struck recognition in all Americans and others around the world. Woman today can now enlist in the Army which was a major controversial subject and still is today. Women have also succeed in numerous careers and have led to inspiring dedications such as women in the film industry, movies have shown women less in housewife roles and more in strong roles. For example, the movie G.I Jane, features a female woman who exceeds further than men when she is accepted into the army. Woman are no longer seen as just vulnerable and under mens control but now are a strong, powerful gender with a demand to be heard and respected by all.


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